Polish Outdoor Dystribution Group distributes outdoor clothing and equipment from brands like Bergans of Norway, Yeti, Nordisk, Grand Canyon, Alfa, Wild Climb, Cousin Trestec, Trimm, Lasting, and Sampaoli Creazionion Polish market. The company is located in Small Dolomities, in the province of Jura. Our goal is to distribute the highest quality outdoor products, valued and recognized in the global markets. As a company, we focus on innovation and the best contact with our customer. We want to set new standards of distribution in Poland, with modern methods of ordering, smooth contact with our employees and instant execution of orders. We are the only company in the country, who have a mobile showroom, where we can present our entire offer. For complete information about our company and the terms of cooperation, please contact us electronically or by telephone.



Polish Outdoor Distribution Group Sp. z o.o.
ul. Skalny Widok 4D
42-421 Hucisko Poland
NIP: 222-089-47-79
TAX ID: PL222-089-47-79



E-mail: kontakt@podg.pl
Phone: +48  888 681 450


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